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Joe Chames


(408) 621-6775 or [email protected] 

Joe has been in the real estate business since 2004. He started Serulian Virtual Services, LLC in 2009 as he moved to Kansas to create a better life for his family. Knowing that the Real Estate offices were mostly all transitioning over to paperless transaction systems and electronic signatures, he saw a rising opportunity for a Virtual Coordination Service.

With great diligence he worked building his client base 100% by referral only. Joe being very detailed oriented, organized, personable and highly knowledgeable in this industry has allowed him to close more than 10,500 deals since 2009. Joe has selected only the finest coordinators in the business to join his team. Joe demands the best and knows the new SVS Team will not disappoint.

Carina Chames 


[email protected]

Carina brings 15+ years of experience to Team SVS in Payroll and Accounting. Carina is responsible for Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Employee Payroll and New Hire Process. She is Proficient in Microsoft Windows, Quick-books and Adobe systems. Carina sees to it that Serulian Virtual Services, LLC is running successfully under all business regulations and compliance standards.

Farrah Chames

Executive Manager

[email protected]

Farrah has 20 years of Managerial Experience that she has brought to the SVS Team. Farrah is the Operations Manager who is in charge of all Team SVS Operations in the company. She is an expert in knowing how to mufti-task and manage many different projects in a fast paced environment with ease.

Farrah is fully proficient in Microsoft windows, all Adobe Systems, Dropbox, DocuSign, and is skillful in research and all computer skills. Farrah is an exceptional and crucial part of the SVS Team and is a big part of it's expansion and success.

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